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Can I cancel the contract?

Yes, you can but there is a cancellation fee.

Can I change the listing price?

The first two weeks will be important for the success of your listing. If there is no activity on your listing within the first 14 days you should consider dropping the price. You can do that by sending us and email or go to your account and make the changes to want to do.

Can I extend the listing if my property is not sold within the time of the contract?

Yes you can with the same conditions of the original contract.

Can I place a sign “For Sale by Owner” on my property?

No, you can’t. If you want to have a For Sale Sign on your property we will gladly offer that service for you.

Can I upgrade the service package later on?

Sure! You can start with the Premium Package and if you need further assistance, just send us an email and we will provide any real estate service you need.

Do I need to allow a home inspection?

Most Buyers request a home inspection done by a professional inspector. Since the Buyer pays for the home inspection there is no reason for you to refuse it. If you want to offer a special service to potential Buyers you can order a home inspection yourself and provide the report with the listing (or add it later on by sending it to our office).

Do I need to disclose material defects?

YES! And there is no exception to this rule. With the platinum package we provide a seller’s disclosure form which is very helpful for any potential Buyer. For sure you can only disclose what you know.

Do I need to leave the house for showings?

If a Realtor schedules a showing, the Realtor will accompany the potential Buyer and will definitely appreciate to have the privacy to talk with his/hers customer. Please step out while the Realtor is in the house with his/hers customer.

Do I need to work with the Buyer’s agent

The Buyer’s agent will be very helpful to get your property sold. She/He will qualify the Buyer for you – get a pre-approval for the financing, prepare the offer/contract, guides the Buyer through the process to a successful closing. Since you pay a commission to the Buyer’s agent, you can use hers/his expertise.

How do I get the listing agreement?

With all the data you provide on your profile the listing agreement will be drafted automatically and you can sign it electronically on the website. A licensed Realtor will review the listing agreement in our office and get it signed by the Broker. You will receive the signed copy by email.

How do I prepare a showing?

You always should turn on all lights and ceiling fans for a showing. If the potential Buyer is accompanied by an agent you will open the door and leave the house during the showing. Ask the agent for a Business card. That gives you the option to call after the showing and get some feedback.

How do people get in touch with me?

Your phone number will be published in the listing. Buyers can contact you directly. Agents will also be able to see your email address in the confidential remarks in the listing.

How does the showing appointment service work?

In addition to the published phone number in the listing we will use an online service – called Centralized Showing System – where Realtors can schedule showings. When an agent requests a showing you will get an email or a text message you will need to answer. You can confirm a showing request, decline it or reschedule it. Agents love this easy way to schedule a showing tour. The easier an agent can show your property the bigger the chance to find the Buyer.

How will my listing be published?

After you signed the contract and paid for your package the listing will be put in the Florida MLS by using your data and the data provided by the local records. The listing will be online 24 hours after you upload your pictures or after the professional pictures are delivered by the photographer. A listing cannot be published without pictures.

I have a property for rent

You can list your rental with us – but please get in touch with the office by email to get further instructions

I would like to do an open house. Can I get any support?

Yes. There are different ways to support your open house. We can register your open house online or can provide professional marketing material. Send us an email. We will gladly help you.

I’m concerned about my safety

Although we live in a very safe area here in Lee and Collier County it is always recommended to secure your property. That’s why we recommend to work with an electronic lockbox which can be opened only by a licensed Realtor. Each Florida Realtor who is using the electronic lockbox – called SUPRA lockbox – has its own code and is registered with the Realtor Association. Whenever someone opens the box, an email is send to our office.

Is it possible to list a vacant lot?

Sure! You can list your vacant lot for $299 – the premium package.

Is there any commission if I find the Buyer myself?

As long as your property is listed with us, the contract protects the Buyer’s Agent. No Agent will bring a customer to your home without this protection.

Shall I remodel my home prior to listing?

This is a very good question, but it cannot be answered in general. Some updates may be helpful to get a home sold. If you need advice for your home please contact us by email.

What about my pets?

Some people are afraid of dogs or cats. During showings it is the best to remove any pets or put them in a kennel.

What is an electronic lockbox?

This is the safest way to show your home when you are away. To grant the buyer’s agent access to your home you may put a lockbox at your front door. If this a regular lockbox from Home Depot you need to give people the code. If you want to be safe, that no unauthorized people go into your house you will appreciate an electronic lockbox. This can only be opened by a Realtor with his personal electronic key. Whenever the electronic lockbox is opened, the box registers the name of the Realtor.

What is the MLS?

MLS means Multiple Listing Service and is a database with all marketable properties in Florida. This database is provide by the Realtor Associations in Florida and is published nationwide. Platforms like,,, and pull their data from the MLS.

What kind of pictures can I get?

We work with a local photographer who is well experienced in real estate listings. The pictures we offer with the packages are quality pictures inside and outside of the house. If you want to add an arial or a video, please contact us by email and get a quote for your special needs.

Who can be a Buyer’s Agent?

Any Sales Agent or Broker, licensed in Florida can be the Buyer’s Agent. Since a Florida Broker is allowed to work as a Transaction Broker the Buyer’s agent can be associated with our company. Each Buyer’s agent – even if the Buyer’s agent is associated with Florida Domicile Realty LLC – earns the 3 % commission.

Who picks the title company?

You can pick the title company and you have to pay the service of the title company and the title insurance. If you need a recommendation for a title insurance please send us an email.

Why are pictures important?

A picture is worth a thousand words. The better the pictures the faster your property will sell. Declutter your home as much as possible before you or the photographer takes the pictures for a successful listing. No people, pets or names on pictures! We will review each picture before we post it on the listing.

Why do I need to pay the Buyer’s Agent?

To list a property on the Florida MLS it is mandatory to pay the Buyer’s agent. If you don’t want to pay the Buyer’s Agent, your property cannot be listed on the MLS.

Why shall I list with

If you want to sell your property – either a home or a vacant lot – you need to reach as many Buyers as you can. You can publish the house on different websites like Zillow or and you can put up a for sale sign. But keep in mind: 95 % of all homes in the US are sold by listing on the local MLS. The only way to get it listed in the local MLS is a licensed Real Estate Agent. Usually you have to pay the listing agent a commission – mostly 3 % – and another 3 % to the Buyer’s Agent. With you avoid the 3 % for the listing Agent and pay a flat fee instead. But in case you need help you can always contact your local professional Realtor.

All websites showing houses and lots in Florida pull the listings from the MLS. With one listing you reach all websites.

Why shall I pick the Platinum plan with the appointment service?

Consider that a Realtor has a lot of options to show. The easier he/she can show the house the likely he/she will do it. The appointment service is very easy to handle by the Realtor – it can be done online with no phone call. You get a text message with the showing request and can confirm (or decline) it.

Why so I need to pay the commission for the buyer’s agent?

In order to list your property on the official Florida MLS it is mandatory to pay a commission for the Buyer’s agent.

Will I get my money back when I don’t sell the house?

No, if you do not sell your house, probably your asking price was too high. If there is no activity within the first 2 weeks think about a price drop. Send us an email and reduce the price.

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