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Transaction Management full service      $1,000                      

As licensed Realtors in Florida we can help you with every step through the selling process. If you hire us for the transaction management we will provide all documents you need to sell your home. This starts with the legal forms to get the home on the market and end with help at the closing procedure. Especially if you want to sell a home in a (gated) community this service will help you a lot. We manage all of the paperwork so your closing is seamless and as stress-free as possible.


Appointment Services        $ 50

If you don’t use the appointment services your contact information will be published in the listing and everybody will schedule the appointments directly with you. If you want to use the appointment service agents can schedule appointments online and you will receive an email or text to confirm or decline. Please keep in mind that the Buyer’s agent will appreciate each convenience to schedule appointments. The easier to show the faster the home will be sold.


Electronic Lockbox for your Safety      $100                     

You may buy a lockbox at Home Depot or Lowe’s for about $30. Whoever wants to show your home will need to know the code. If you want to be safe and need to know, who is entering your home we recommend an electronic lockbox. Only registered agents can open an electronic lockbox and an email will be sent to our office with the name of the agent. For the time of your listing you will borrow the electronic lockbox and we keep records of the agents who have access.

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Professional Pictures $300 - $500

A picture is worth a thousand words. The better the pictures the more people will be attracted to view your home. The pictures of your home will be most attractive if the home is cleaned up or professionally staged. If you need any assistance to prepare your home for the photographer please read out to our team and schedule an appointment.

The photographer will come to your home whenever your home is ready.


Yard Sign      $100                     

We offer different yard signs. Depending on the community you live in there are rules which yard sign you may use. We will help you to put the right one up.

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